We believe that for the client to be successful, the relationship between client and consultant must be developed and allowed to grow. In this respect, Blue Lens Consulting’s business model is based on Collaboratively Creating Capability.



Our preferred operating model is to work within your team and collaboratively create an internal capability. Our consultants are ready to be part of your team to execute the task at hand and help you get back on track.



We create value for your organisation by establishing step by step internal processes that your teams can reuse. These processes are based on industry best practices and incorporates lessons learnt from other projects we have executed. We will mentor and guide your staff so that they will become self-sufficient, as well as encouraging a continuous improvement process and culture within your teams.


At the end of our consultancy with your organisation, you will not only have the completed work scope, but we will also have established a new internal capability. Your teams will be equipped with the skills to execute successfully, incorporating the learnt established processes and continuous improvement methodologies in their day to day activities.